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Carlos Ayala, Catholic Artist

     Carlos Ayala may be a new name to the main-stream art world, but for over twenty years he has been prolifically creating figurative bronzes for individual and public commissions. Most of his work has been one-of-a-kind, life-size and monumental for homes, churches and public facilities throughout the United States and other International locations including Canada, Mexico, Italy, Spain, the Philippines, and China.  His artwork, detailed and realistic in nature expresses the beauty and hope that is a timeless message even in the midst of a world full of great opposition and suffering. While Carlos has focused primarily on sculpture, he is also an accomplished painter.

From Simple Beginnings to Richly Blessed

    Through much difficulty, sweat, and heartache, Carlos’ gift of artistic talent has been realized and grown.  Born as the eighth child of ten to a poverty stricken family in central Mexico, Carlos has had to work very hard to overcome great obstacles.  He was born a survivor and has learned the hard way, even as a young boy, that life is a great gift. Both  of Carlos’ parents died when he was just four years old.  A unique orphanage named Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos located outside of Mexico City provided Carlos a new and ever-expanding family.

    After becoming a part of this unique family of orphaned children, Carlos received an education and thrived in this secure and loving environment.  At age 16, Carlos’ determination to become an artist drove him to leave the security of the orphanage to pursue a career in fine-art.  He received a five-year degree in Fine Arts from Bellas Artes, the National Institute of Fine Arts in Mexico, D.F., Mexico’s premier art school.

A Husband and Father

    Carlos received an invitation to come to the United States in 1986 to continue his studies and work on his career in art here in the U.S.   His first sculpture, after moving to the U.S., was a 7 ft. bronze of “The Risen Christ”.  It was a commission for the Shrine of St. Joseph in Yarnell, Arizona.  This first commission opened the door for an over twenty-year career in commissioned artwork.

     Carlos and his wife Wendy have been married for fifteen years.  Their family continues to grow as they have been blessed with six sons (Luke, Christopher, Andrew, Brendan, John, and David) ranging in age from 6 months to 12 years.  They reside in Anthem, Arizona with Carlos’ art studio being a short distance in New River.  Carlos enjoys his time with his family and takes his role as father and provider very seriously.  

Diverse Expressions of Life

    Diversity, simplicity, and purity are common themes throughout Carlos’ artistic expressions.  Carlos has the capability of working in virtually any medium.  He has focused primarily in bronze sculpture and painting in oil, acrylic or watercolor.  The themes of his artwork have at their foundation the foundations of life itself.  Each piece of artwork that Carlos creates is an expression of gratitude and celebration for the gift of life.  He wishes that each person realize the gifts of life that surround us and are renewed with each new day.  Life is something that Carlos does not take for granted.  He celebrates life through the creation and expression of his artwork.  As reflections of a loving Creator, the creatures great and small are gifts that must not be taken for granted.

A Life Dedicated to Hope

    Like Carlos’ determination to be an accomplished artist, his artwork does not whisper hope and light, it shouts it from the rooftops.  Carlos’ personal desire is that by experiencing his artwork, the individual might be touched by the reality that each and every life is a treasure that may go beyond our personal understanding, but is fully understood and loved unconditionally by the One who created it.

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Carlos Ayala, an Artist for the Ages

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